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1MAGNUM - Graduation Module
2MAGNUM - Graduation Module
3MAGNUM - Graduation Module

The Graduation Module will start on Monday, June 17th, at 9:00am and will finish on Friday, June 2st, around 4:00 pm.

For those travelling from afar: You are expected to arrive in The Hague on June 16th. We will have a casual dinner together on Sunday evening for those who want to join. On your departure day, please consider that the journey from the venue to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport takes approx. 60 minutes. With that in mind, we suggest that your flight does not depart until 7:30pm or later.

If you live in The Netherlands: You are welcome to join the dinner on Sunday if you wish. As of Monday, you are expected to stay at the same hotel as everybody else for overnight accommodation. This is to allow you to be present for Magnum and to focus on your graduation, instead of going home in the evenings. We also have plans for most evenings, so you'll be glad to spend time with your peers. Hotel accommodation has been arranged for you Monday through Friday.

The rest of the program will be disclosed in due time!